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What is Bitumen ?

Bitumen is dark brown and black viscose fluid which is dissolved completely in Carbon Solfide and Carbon Tetrachloride . Bitume is solid in environmental temperature but it comes in paste form with increasing temperature and next to be liquid .
Important application of bitumen is for two important features of these two cases :
1 - Impenetrable against water
2 - Being sticky

Bitumen general specifications:

- Impenetrable against water and moisture
- Elasticity
- Resistant against salt , acids ..
- Adhesion
- Insulating against electrical currents
-Soluble in some solvents (without losing their properties)
- Creating a sustainable film on different things.
- Having a steady color

SayehbanSepehr Co. Refinery Productions Group : Producing standard Bitumens 60*70 , 85*100 , 40*50 , 100*120 , 180*200 and also kinds of polymeric Bitumens with expert and experienced staff which are able to produce Bitumen in different degrees in waterproofing and bitumen industry .

This company products packed up in barrels and poly bags.

SayehbanSepehr Co. Modified Productions Group With Polymer

Now , it has been proven that Ordinary bitumen doesnt meet our needs and their specifications cant resist against deformation, low temperature and high temperature and cracking so there is no choice to modify the properties of bitumen by polymers . There is no doubt that the addition of any polymer to bitumen will improve the properties of bitumen.
To solve the problems, polymeric modified bitumens especially those with elastomeric thermoplastic resins such as SBS & SBR, have been manufactured.
Different European countries have been considering the use of modified bitumens with polymer since the last years to handle their needs . Of course, the type of polymer specifically used in each country differs but, the thermoplastic elastomer resins form the majority of bitumen reformers. This is especially evident in Europe . The statistics show that modified bitumens were successfully used for road applications over 25 years . Especially in the 2001, in most parts of the world, were used to cover road surfaces and roadside applications.
A large number of polymers have been used to correct the properties of bitumen Such as Polyethylenes, Polyolefins, Ethylene vinyl acetate and Acrylic copolymers and rubbery polymers such as SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) and SBR (Rubber Styrene Butadiene) and so on .
Recently, the use of recycled polymers such as tire crumbs has been used to improve the properties of bitumen .

Polymeric Bitumen Properties :

1-Excellent adhesion
2- Performance in both upper and lower temperature range
3- Length increase and elasticity
4- Flexibility at lower temperatures
5- Better resistance to movement and shape change at high temperatures
6- decrease temperature sensitivity
7- Improvement in tensile strength
8- Increase hardness modulus at high temperatures

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